June 11 2009.

National Motorcycle Week 2009 is promoting the ' Get More Out of Life' message during the campaign, which runs from 12th - 18th July 2009.

The event aims to highlight the positive aspects of motorcycling including environmental and social benefits.

In 2009, the MCI has adopted the strapline to get riders and non-riders thinking about the
world of motorcycling and encouraging them to get active.

Existing riders have a wealth of opportunities available to them and their machine. We are all frequently guilty of thinking about what we could do, and often don't take action, so this year the MCI hopes to encourage riders to do more with their bikes and their riding skills and persuade non-riders, who have been teetering on getting a licence to actually do it. Ride to

Work Day (15th July) is part of National Motorcycle Week and aims to convince that
'motorcycling means more......'

More freedom
More fun
More convenience
More skills
More action
More opportunities

The MCIA's spokesperson Sheila Rainger said, " National Motorcycle Week is an important date in the motorcycling calendar because it is an opportunity for the whole motorcycling community to get active.

"The MCIA encourages people to organise events such as ride-outs, charity runs, biker's breakfasts which can be enjoyed by non-riders too. It is also the time for riders to think about how to get more out of their machine, whether that means planning a biking holiday or taking some training to improve their skills on the road."

The Association is encouraging all motorcyclists and even non-motorcyclists to participate in an activity during the week to demonstrate to the public, press and politicians the number of people that enjoy riding motorcycles and scooters and why they have made the motorcycling choice.

Anyone who is interested in organising an event can find out more information on the MCIA's website . A free organiser's pack is available to download, along with some posters.

People who are planning to hold an event should contact the MCI, to help promote their event and put journalists in contact with them.