June 18 2009.

Devitt Insurance, is launching a campaign to 'Keep Britain Biking', putting the spotlight on the benefits of two wheels in credit crunch Britain. Lifestyles are taking the strain of a struggling economy and society pressures, but Devitt believes that owning and riding a motorcycle can help ease the stress of modern living.

"Devitt Insurance has been keeping Britain biking since 1936 but the burden of today's challenging lifestyles, the cost of motoring and traffic congestion means getting on a motorcycle makes more sense than ever," says William Hughes, Managing Director of Devitt Insurance. "In a survey of over 1000 motorcyclists, 72% said that the sense of freedom they get from riding their motorcycle was by far the biggest advantage, confirming just how biking can have a positive effect on your mental outlook, as well as your wallet."

Performance was also a major advantage for 42%, while looks and style came in third at 37%. However, 35% believed that riding a motorcycle was better for getting through traffic, making it the ideal way to cut commuting time.

Although practical reasons, such as fuel economy, insurance and lower service and maintenance costs - in comparison to running a car - are very real advantages of owning a bike, they were unimportant to the majority of respondents. Whilst 44% said they use their bike for commuting, unsurprisingly 92% of those Devitt asked predominantly use their motorcycle for leisure journeys. Demonstrating that a love affair with the motorcycle extends beyond the owner, 69% said their partner approved and encouraged them to ride a motorcycle. Indeed, a motorcycle is believed by many to be more than just a mode of transport, but an opportunity for getting outdoors with friends and family and building camaraderie with fellow biking enthusiasts.

Hughes concludes, "We are launching our 'Keeping Britain Biking' campaign to highlight the benefits of owning and riding a motorcycle. Not only do bikers avoid the worst of the traffic, but they can cut down on motoring costs. However, our survey indisputably reports that bikers feel that their motorcycle enhances their life, helping them meet new friends and enjoy a greater sense of freedom. We're urging people to discover the joy of life on two wheels."