June 24 2009.

California Superbike School is working with the Motorcycle Industry Association to develop a syllabus for teaching positive steering as part of novice rider training. The MCIA invited California Superbike School to make a presentation on positive steering to industry training experts, including the DSA, (Driving Standards Agency - the Government department responsible for motorcycle testing), as well as Police Instructors and accident investigators, MCITA trainers, IAM, BikeSafe and even the MOD.

Positive steering, or counter steering, is the technique for turning a motorcycle by first steering in the opposite direction - "steer left to turn right". A significant proportion of motorcycle accidents occur on bends and the MCI believes that if riders learnt simple positive steering input at an early stage then many of these incidents could be avoided. On a rainy day at Silverstone, Superbike School coaches demonstrated (a) how positive steering works in practice and (b) how this could be taught as part of the motorcycle test curriculum.

"California Superbike School has a great track record in the art of cornering, but what we teach is just as relevant for road riders," comments School Director Andy Ibbott. "We proved that positive steering can be taught quickly, without going into the physics or theory." Operating on a truly global scale, California Superbike School has taught over 100,000 riders, including several world champions.

The MCIA is hopeful that positive steering will be included in a much-needed motorcycle training syllabus in the near future.

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