June 26 2009.

PM Racing has introduced a rinage of racing crankshafts for all series two and three Lambretta models.

PMCRC0017. 58mm stroke tungsten balanced full circle. s.r.p £208.65+vat
PMCRC 0104. 60mm stroke tungsten balance full circle. s.r.p £208.65+vat
PMCRC 0016. 58mm uprated race std primary compression. s.r.p £99.96+vat

Full circle flywheels improve primary compression for greater transfer pressure during the transfer cycle with reduced crankcase turbulence. Ideal for reed valve motors or modified motors with larger transfer areas and passages.

Dynamically balanced using tungsten plugs for reduced vibration, yielding improved power output.
Best served on today's TS1 and RB type kits applications.

Large "V" grooved oil ways help improve lubrication to big end bearing, increasing longevity and reliability for motors operated at high loads or RPM.

INA silver cage big end bearing shimmed to exacting tolerance. Complete with high performance small end bearing.

PMRC0016 has the same features as PMRC0017/104 but manufactured with cost saving in mind. Same quality con rod and big end bearing assembly as full circle cranks, but counter balanced using a more traditional recessed web method.

Favorable for piston timed inlet configuration - most none reed valve - motors up to 24HP.

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