July 1 2009.

Acumen has added a secure marking system to its range of electronic alarms and immoblisers. Secure marking adds an extra layer of protection to electronic motorcycle security, creating a silent deterrent to thieves by increasing the difficulty and risk for criminals attempting to hide or change a vehicle's identity. Secure marking also makes it much easier for anyone - police, dealers or the general public - to establish a vehicle's true identity. It is proven to aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles and to assist in the prosecution of the people who stole them.

Acumen has teamed up with the UK's leading supplier of auto marking systems to use their Thatcham assured products, adapted for motorcycle use. Designed for DIY-application, the kit comes with everything that an owner requires to mark their motorcycle or scooter; ultra-destruct labels (that cannot be removed) for marking frame and bodywork, self etching UV labels, vinyl stencils and ultra-violet marking fluid and applicator. The self-destruct labels are a visual deterrent to potential thieves while the 'invisible' etching is indelible and can be revealed with any ultra-violet light. This makes it easy to check a vehicle's status/ownership using a 24-hour phone line, which is open to the public.

Priced at £59.99 inc. VAT the Acumen SMS kit is manufactured to TQA standards, Thatcham's robust accreditation programme for aftermarket security devices.

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