July 1 2009.

Furygan recently moved into a new factory in the south of France. The new facility is about four time larger than the old one and it houses production, design, warehousing and offices all under one roof.

Celebrating the move, Furigan UK has reduced trade and retail prices by 15%. As an example the biggest selling men's leather jacket, The Brutale, previously retailed at £356. It is now down to £299.

The French clothing company say that dealers were always saying how expensive all European and Japanese products were getting, with almost weekly price rises and their customers the end user noticing this too. Many dealers were saying that there was a lot of price shopping going on with the eventual winner being the internet,

Furygan has also launched the Pro Shop concept. The idea is to create a dedicated Pro Shop network in the UK. Furygan will offer to design and give the Pro Shops a branded Furygan look, which will include display fittings, dedicated point of sale, merchandising products and a separate advertising campaign to promote the Pro Shops.

Furygan will also fully product sales train dealer's staff at the factory in France and give the dealers the opportunity to become involved with the future designs of Furygan products with pre-season viewings of upcoming products.

Furygan is only looking to appoint ten dealers in UK and with two already signed up it looks like its going to be very successful.

John Wevill from Furygan UK says, "We have a lot to offer and its an exciting time ahead. Dealers are looking for something new and fresh and Furygan has just what they need to make a really good start for 2010."

For further details on how to become a Furygan Pro Shop contact John Wevill on 01604 811 965 or 07812 985 947.