July 1 2009.

Shoei importer Feridax has chosen the launch of the new XR1100 helmet to introduce a new retail concept that they call Shoei Assured. This is backed by a new customer-facing information-packed web site  

Like the massively-popular XR1000 which it is replacing, the XR1100 has a range of optional cheek pad sizes. However with four different shell sizes, dealers are now being encouraged to offer their customers tailored fitting. Feridax's Paul Musselle is responsible for training dealers in the custom-fitting process and the benefits that offering such a service can bring.

In order to qualify for Shoei Assured status a dealer has to keep every size of each helmet model in stock, (but not every colour-way), as well as the £500 helmet spares pack which is supplied with its own display stand.

Feridax anticipate that the custom-fit service will be free to end users and will act as a useful incentive to attract customers to their premium helmet brand.

Replenishment of cheek pad stocks will be dealt with by Feridax via credit note system.

"We've got 23 dealers already signed up for Shoei Assured status," explained marketing manager Mark Ingleby, "But we'd like to get that number up to around 100."

The XR1100 offers numerous improvements over its predecessor, most noticeably in the area of visor fit. The new CW-1 visor still uses the excellent Pinlock anti-mist visor insert, but the Pinlock insert has now been increased in size to fill more of the aperture and this massively increases the clear field of vision.

Also new is the QRSA (Quick Release Self-Adjusting) fitting mechanism which still offers rapid visor changes, but is now sprung to firmly pull the visor into a recess in the front of the helmet for improved sealing.

Ventilation is another area that has been given a complete overhaul with a new multi-part EPS (Expanded Poly-Styrene) liner being designed to channel massive air-flow from the two trade-mark eyebrow vents, round the head to four individually opening exhaust vents in front of the integral rear spoiler. While this vent-frenzy smacks of razor marketing as in the battle between the new Gillette 16-blade Face Plough and the 18-blade Moustache Mower from Wilkinson Sword, Feridax Sales Director Steve Clifford swears that the new system is even more effective than that of their X-Spirit race helmet.

The retail prices for the XR1100 are expected to be a little over £300 for plain colours and around £370 for graphic versions.

Feridax is taking orders now with stocks expected to arrive in early September.

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