July 3 2009.

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The range of Spaco Classic Scooter Carburettors are based and on the tried and tested methods of Italian manufacturer Dellorto and produced under licence from them. The range of fitments covers both Vespa and Lambretta models and utilise the same jetting systems as their Italian counterparts.

Manufactured to the same exacting specifications from the finest materials, these carburettors are a cost efficient way of replacing tired and worn out units.

LE13027 CARB - MA19BS - LAMB SER 2 £36.07 RRP
VE13015 CARB - SI 24/24 G - VESPA T5 £43.40 RRP
VE13062 CARB - SI 24/24 E - VESPA PX200 EFL £43.40 RRP
VE13069 CARB - SI 20/20 D - VESPA PX125-150 £38.25 RRP
VE13075 CARB - SI 26-26 E - VESPA PX-PE £43.40 RRP
VE50051-28 CARB - PHBM 28mm 2T - UNIVERSAL £36.00 RRP
VE50051-30 CARB - PHBM 30mm 2T - UNIVERSAL £36.00 RRP

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