July 3 2009.

National Motorcycle Week is the annual campaign organsied by the Motor Cycle Industry Association.

The campaign demonstrates to the public, media and politicians the number of motorcyclists in the UK and at the same time emphasises that riders owners are from all walks of life.

National Motorcycle Week also highlights the social, environmental and economic benefits of motorcycling.

This year the slogan is ' Get More Out of Life ' to highlight there is more to do on two wheels -

o More Freedom
o More Fun
o More Friends
o More Skills
o More opportunities
o More action

Events and ride-outs will be taking place throughout the week at local dealers, biker cafes, with BikeSafe , owner's clubs and work places.

RIDE TO WORK DAY takes place on Wednesday 15th July - this is the day when all bike and scooter owners are encouraged to ride to work, and if they can, to take a friend or colleague with them. The day will highlight that motorcycling cuts congestion, pollution, journey times and is convenient and flexible.

Anyone who is interested in organising an event can find out more information on the MCIA's website  A free organiser's pack is available to download, along with some posters.. People who are planning to hold an event should contact the MCI, to help promote their event and put journalists in contact with them.


The active UK rider population is 1.5 million and an estimated 3.8 million people in the UK have a driving licence with a moped/motorcycle entitlement.

Women accounted for 14% of the people who took their test in 2007/08.
Women - 12,061
Men - 75,884

17% more people passed their test in 2007/08 than in 2006/07.
20% more people passed their test in 2008/09 than in 2007/08.

London motorcycle commuters can reduce the duration of their journeys by up to 34% compared to car drivers . In the rest of the UK journeys can be reduced by 12% (Regional Transport Statistics 2008)

A typical scooter consumes between 55% and 81% less fuel than a car on the same journey

The motorcycle industry in the UK employs more than 15,000 people and turns over in excess of £3 billion a year.

Motorcyclists say that biking is about freedom, practicality, friendship and fun:

Freedom - 26%
Practical - 23%
Friendly - 18%
Fun - 11%
Economical - 9%
Adventurous - 4%
Thrill Seeking - 4%
Fast - 4%

(You Gov 09 *)

One-third of 24-34 year olds are jealous of motorcycles getting though traffic. (You Gov 09 *)

One -fifth of Southerners ( London and South regions) are jealous of motorcycles getting though traffic. (You Gov 09 *)

Car drivers and bus passenger are most jealous of motorcycles getting through traffic. (You Gov 09 *)

One-third of commuters are 'sometimes' late for work because of traffic and congestion. (You Gov 09 *)unless they're bikers, of whom 67% are "never" late for work.