July 7 2009.

As part of a comprehensive membership review, the Motor Cycle Industry Association has announced changes relating to member applications which will come into effect from October 2009.

Changes have been introduced to provide a simpler, less time intensive application process to encourage new member companies; in the current economic and legislative environment, full industry support becomes ever more critical to the MCIA's remit to promote, protect and expand the UK's motorcycle industry, with a strong, representative and unified voice.

The application process has been relaxed, but safeguards have been put in place to ensure the same high quality of member companies. Existing members will now have a say in the decision making process and a Provisional Membership category will be introduced.

As of October 2009, all new members will be allocated Provisional Membership for a minimum period of one year. Provisional Members will not have voting rights and will not be entitled to receive trade space discounts at the Carole Nash International Motorcycle and Scooter Show, although they are still eligible to take advantage of a priority booking service.

The changes mentioned above will not affect any company accepted into membership (full or probationary) before 14th October 2009. Membership applications received by 25th September can be considered by the MCIA Board under existing conditions.

The MCIA is committed to introducing new member benefits and improving services and these will begin to be introduced as the membership review continues.