July 10 2009.

ANESDOR, Spain's Motorcycle Industry Association, has welcomed the stimulus package announced by the country's Council of Ministers on 3 July. A mix of state and regional incentives and discounts by the manufacturers will sustain the demand for motorcycles and mopeds.

ANESDOR had been calling for dedicated measures for PTWs similar to those devised for the automobile sector. 

The plan foresees, under certain conditions, a discount for PTWs under €9500. In order for the scheme to be effective, PTW manufacturers as well as local governments will also have to participate.

ANESDOR has asked Spain's Autonomous Regional Governments to join the state aid scheme as quickly as possible, taking into consideration the season which coincides with the yearly peak of sales. Delays may result in an irreversible loss of a good opportunity to stimulate the market.

Jose Maria Riaño, Secretary General of ANESDOR said: "We are very pleased with the Government's decision. We must now work at informing the public about the new incentives. The drop in sales experienced by the PTW industry this year - well in excess of 50% - is really critical and the only way to support the industry and preserve jobs is to revive consumption."

Source: ACEM