July 14 2009.

The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has launched its all-new biker manual at Mallory Park, providing riders in the UK with the definitive guide to defensive riding.

"How to be a better rider", written by IAM staff examiner Jon Taylor and motorcycle titles editor Stefan Bartlett, will form the backbone of the IAM advanced riding course and test preparation.

With new graphics and images illustrating how to deal with tricky riding areas such as filtering, positioning and revised steering techniques, the IAM manual will be of practical use to all riders, whether relatively new or with many years experience, says the IAM.

IAM Chief Examiner Peter Rodger said: "The new IAM motorcycle manual is all about guiding principles. It's not a 'book of rules'.

"The advice is contemporary, topical and fully accessible to riders, whatever their level of skill and experience. For example, bends have always been an area of uncertainty for many riders, but the limit point for effective bend assessment is now usefully explained."

Urban bikers have an illustrated eight-page explanation about 'stepping stones' while riding around town, coupled with new guidance on blind spots technique.

"How to be a better rider - Advanced Motorcycling, the essential guide" is available from the IAM website,, at £9.99 plus postage and packaging. The book is included free with the IAM's motorcycle course, the £139 Skill for Life programme.