July 21 2009

CIA Insurance aims to provide the best insurance policies at the lowest prices from its panel of 15 UK bike specialist insurers. Having such a large panel of insurers, including all the main providers, allows CIA Insurance to do the work of the price comparison websites by checking prices and offering the best on the market.

If the premium is over £1000 - usually because it is a new rider on a high capacity machine, previously banned driver, has convictions, or in a high-theft hot-spot, then CIA Insurance will send a cheque to the referring dealer for £100 commission within 48-hours.

The £100 immediate payment is proving very popular. CIA Insurance's Eliot Blundell said: "We have had dozens of new dealers contact us about this offer and when we write the business, the next thing we do is send them a cheque for £100. The feedback is very positive, motorcycle dealers are not used to receiving commissions from motorcycle insurance brokers.
"And dealers that are taking advantage of the offer are then coming back for other insurance business and being paid on that as well. If it is a sub £1000 policy then we have a competitive sliding scale of rates and we make payment on the third day of the following month. We are talking significant sums here as our conversion rates are often 100 per cent. There are some dealers being paid hundreds of pounds per month and others receiving thousands.

"When we say we pay, we mean it. We have excellent relations with our dealers and provide monthly management information on every quote received and whether it was converted. If not converted, we tell the dealer why during a monthly phone call or visit. We want to grow our business together with the dealer and our integrity is what stands us apart from the other companies that promise money for referrals but never pay out."

The class leading commission scheme from CIA Insurance is designed to forge strong partnerships with dealers. The policy prices are amongst the best in the marketplace, giving the dealer confidence the business will be written - all CIA Insurance systems are totally transparent.

The rates are:

1 to 4 policies CIA Insurance pays you £25.00 per policy.

5 to 9 policies CIA Insurance pays you £40.00 per policy.

10 or more and CIA Insurance pays you £50.00 per policy.

The commission rate applies to all policies, so if you sell five policies all five will be at £40.00. If you sell 10 polices, all 10 will be at £50.00 per policy. And remember - CIA Insurance can email cover notes.

For further information on this offer contact Kes Johnson on 0844 88 88 480.

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