July 22 2009.

The Helmet Paint Protection System (H-PPS) from VentureShield can now be fitted for free at all Hein Gericke stores and selected independent retailers across the UK.

VentureShield is a tough, durable and transparent material originally used for protecting military helicopter rotor blades which, after extensive and successful testing, has been specifically adapted for motorcycle helmets.

With kits starting from only £4.99, H-PPS is the best solution to keeping a helmet pristine by preventing stone chips and other debris from damaging various areas of a lid and can be fitted at any stage during a helmet's lifespan.

Such is the belief in H-PPS, all 45 UK Hein Gericke stores and a nationwide array of independent dealers are offering free fitting of the VentureShield range, recently bolstered by two new products to further protect Arai helmets.

Complementing the separately available Complete Front Kit (Arai and Shoei only) and the Universal Back Cover are the Arai Holder Set kit and the Arai RX-7 Top Cover kit.

The holders or 'pods' that cover Arai's visor mechanism system can suffer marking or damage by misuse or from poor storage while the twin diffusers situated on the crown of the range-topping Arais can be susceptible to stones and other debris. The new H-PPS kits cover these pivotal parts completely, increasing their ability to resist knocks.

Simple to fit, all kits are pre-cut to the intended area of the helmet and are guaranteed for life against yellowing, cracking, bubbling or peeling*.

VentureShield Range:
• Complete Front Kit (£24.99) - includes applicator, application bottle and fluid. Available for:

• Arai RX-7 GP, RX-7 Corsair, Viper, Astro, Chaser

• Shoei XR-1000, X-Spirit

• Arai Holder Sets (£4.99) - two per pack

• Arai RX-7 Top Cover (£4.99)

• Shoei X-Spirit Top Vent (£4.99)

• Universal Back Cover (£4.99) - fits most helmets

For further information visit
www.phoenixnw.co.uk and www.whyarai.co.uk or call 01782 569800.