July 24 2009.

With its unique blend of high security, ease-of-use and plain good value, it is no surprise that the Hardcore is Oxford's best-selling chain lock... and no surprise that this Thatcham approved chain has just celebrated its 250,000th sale.

The toughening process for the 12mm square link chain is carefully developed to ensure the
correct blend of malleability and hardness. Too hard and the links become brittle and can shatter when frozen and hit with a big hammer. Not hard enough and the best of the cutters can find its way through in less than five minutes - the period of time generally agreed to be relevant for an attack test. The chain is then given a flexible cloth sleeve, so that it can be curled up and easily transported.

The padlock is a clever combination of strength and light weight design, which is made entirely
from hardened steel - except for the rotating discs which both form the locking mechanism and
protect it from attack. These are a mixture of hard and soft steels, designed to snag any
attempts to drill out the lock. It is the simplicity of this mechanism design which makes it so
reliable and a cover over the key-way keeps it that way. Keys can be replace - just keep a note of the key number somewhere safe. 

Riders can enjoy the benefits and peace-of-mind associated with Thatcham approved security
from just £49.99. Chains come in 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0m lengths, complete with a no-quibble
warranty and reassurance from one of the oldest names in the business.

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