July 24 2009

Anyone who has ever worked in a motorcycle shop will have heard the same complaint a hundred times... I can't find a helmet big enough!

The choice of lids for head sizes above XL (62cm) is very limited and above XXL (64cm) practically non-existent. There are simple economic reasons for this. As a result, most people with above average bonces have to settle for whatever they can get hold of and at whatever price.

The distributors of HJC helmets (Oxford) have been listening and have encouraged HJC to produce one of their most popular helmets in a size XXXL (65/6cm).

The FG-15 is what Ben Spies uses while he is embarassing far more experienced racers in WSB. This multi-fibre (fibre glass, kevlar, dyneema) helmet comes with all the bells and whistles, including a quick-release locking race visor, removable & washable "SilverCool" breathable liner, lots of ventilation and a truly luxurious fit.

Colours are not limited to plain black (although that is available), as all three colours of the popular

"Draco" graphic are included in the line-up.

Price is £159.99 for plain black and £179.99 for the Draco graphic in red, blue or black.

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