July 28 2009.

With £300,000 worth of motorcycles recovered by Tracker in 2008, it is surprising to know that prestige models are not the only target for thieves, warns the UK leader in stolen vehicle recovery. Helping owners protect their bikes for less, Tracker has reduced the cost of its Tracker Retrieve unit and installation from £259 to £199 and Tracker Monitor from £399 to £299, with the first three month's annual subscription free.*

"In 2008, Tracker recovered over £300,000 worth of motorcycles, but we're seeing more low value models catch the eye of thieves," explains Bill Raynal, Managing Director for Tracker. "Models such as the Peugeot Ludix, worth just £1,000, are hot favourites with thieves, alongside £10,000 models such as the BMW R11650. Organised gangs of thieves target motorcycles and, without a tracking device, they can disappear overseas or be broken down for parts, never to be seen again.

"All motorcycle owners need to take steps to protect their assets, as the current economic climate means many households aren't in the position to replace a stolen bike. Having a tracking device installed offers owners that added level of security, increasing their chances of recovering their stolen bike."

Tracker offers two types of subscription - annual or duration. The duration subscription means that customers only have to make a one off payment to cover them for as long as they own the bike, helping them save money if they plan to own the bike for a long time.

Tracker stolen motorcycle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several places around the motorcycle. Tracker offers the ultimate in protection as it detects when the bike is being moved without the ignition being turned on. The tracking device works even if the motorcycle is hidden in a container or transported on back of a van. Tracker is the only vehicle tracking system operated by all 52 police forces in the UK, offering bike owners the ultimate in security.

Raynal concludes, "We are delighted to offer motorcycle owners a great new price on their tracking subscriptions, encouraging more people than ever to invest in an added line of defence from bike theft."

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*After three months the annual subscription will be £60 and £125 respectively or customers can upgrade to the lifetime duration subscription at a cost of £99 and £255 respectively.