July 28 2009.

Chain cleaning has never been so easy, achieving staggering results in seconds!

Chain Doc will quickly and safely eliminate friction inducing dirt, grit and grime from the main operating areas of your motorcycle or quad chain. It decreases wear and can even increase power to the rear wheel! Use it as part of your regular bike maintenance to reduce grime build up and lube your chain without messy overspray.

So how do you use it?
With your bike on a stand, hold the aerosol and place the jaws of the Chain Doc over the chain and close it using the trigger. Using your thumb, spray the Muc-Off Quick Drying Chain Cleaner into the Chain Doc whilst rotating the rear wheel with your other hand. Stop spraying and continue to turn the wheel for several more rotations. Now wipe dry with a rag to remove excess (there is no need to use any water which can lead to corrosion!). You'll now have a clean chain which is ready for lubing. Simply wash out the chain doc device and attach our chain lube for mess/overspray free lubing!

Muc-Off Chain Doc couldn't be easier to use, it works straight out of the box so you'll be back riding in no time!

'Muc-Off Chain Doc' Chain Care Kit (including FREE 50ml Chain Lube)

RRP £39.99

For more information contact Oxford: 01993 862 300 or