July 28 2009.

For the first time in their long histories, Michelin and Harley-Davidson have joined forces to develop the all-new Michelin Scorcher "31" tyre, which carries both companies' trademarks on its sidewalls and the signature Harley-Davidson logo moulded into the shoulder. Available exclusively as original equipment on four 2010 Harley-Davidson® Dyna models, the all-new tyre was unveiled on July 25th at the Harley-Davidson summer dealer meeting in Denver, Colorado.

"Michelin has specifically engineered this innovative and durable tyre to meet the high expectations of Harley-Davidson owners," said Gary Midkiff, Vice President of Michelin North America's Two-Wheel Division.

The Michelin Scorcher "31" delivers superior performance in three key areas, providing sensational grip, impressive durability and excellent handling.

The exclusive deep-cut tread design improves grip and water evacuation capability. Grip performance, particularly on wet roads, is also enhanced by the tyre's rubber compounds, which use the latest generation of Michelin synthetic polymers.

The new tyre's particularly high mileage potential is a result of the premium-quality components used in its rubber compounds and Michelin's exclusive manufacturing process, which creates a blend whose unrivalled homogeneity enables the new Michelin Scorcher™ "31" to deliver truly outstanding durability.

Michelin also wanted to ensure that the tyre would provide confidence-inspiring handling, so its R & D teams used aramid belts under the rear tread to stabilise the contact patch. In addition, the carcass plies are made from polyester to provide exceptional ride comfort.