July 29 2009.

Nowadays big bikes are more streamlined and easier to handle and what's more they go even faster with a lighter-weight woman on board. On the racing circuit women are competing against the guys in the British Superbike Championship and making their presence felt.

There are estimates that up to 20 per cent of all bikers are women and, as with cars, they are still statistically safer riders than their male counterparts. Because women bikers are less likely to be involved in an accident Bikesure, the specialist motorcycling division of Adrian Flux Insurance Services, offers a generous discount to female bikers.

"We've looked at the stats," says Bikesure's Robert Balls. "And there's no getting away from the fact that women make far fewer claims than men so it seems only fair to reflect that in the price of their policies."

Bikesure is able to offer women biker's up to 20% discount on their policy and when that is added to other discounts, such as being a member of a recognised owner's club, limited mileage, garaging, etc., women stand to shave a fair slice off the price of their insurance.

For example: a 21 year old woman bank clerk with a Honda CBR400 living in Welling, Kent DA16 1NW, with a one year no claims bonus and who garages her bike would pay a premium of £218.35 for third party, fire and theft. Meanwhile a 40 year old secretary with a Yamaha FZ6 600 living in Insch, Aberdeenshire AB52 6XF, with a three year no claims bonus and who also garages her bike, but has one SP30 speeding conviction, would only pay a premium of £99.42 for fully comprehensive cover.

Women are also likely to invest in good quality helmets, leathers and protective clothing so will be especially interested in Bikesure's competitive Helmets & Leathers policy that offers up to £1000 cover on these items.

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