July 31 2009.

A random mix of murder, intrigue, confusion, delusion, outing and outright lies to ponder over the weekend. Some people believe some of it. How strange...


Rumour has it that Expo is on the move from the NEC. Can this really be true?

Well It certainly isn't on the NEC's website listing of events and a call to the NEC didn't help much either.

And what about loose talk of a move back to Stoneleigh? Well again, Expo isn't on the Stoneleigh website listing of events either and whilst Expo and Stoneleigh may not have parted on the very best of terms when Expo made the 'upward' move to the NEC, these are tough times and hatchets may have to be buried. In which case, expect an upcoming news story proclaiming that Stoneleigh has always been, 'the preferred choice of the trade' and it is a 'welcome return to the natural home of the motorcycle trade'. And all that...

Or could there be an exciting new venue, now that Expo has errr... outgrown the NEC?

When you were young, did you ever imagine that the motorcycle industry would be this exciting?

Surprise, surprise. We got it wrong! Honda DID in fact do something for Ride to Work Day and send out a press release! So our humble apologies.

Actually, the release came in a subtle disguise, which avoided having the word Honda anywhere in either the sender ID or the subject line. So, as we have mountains of dross emails land every day, it wasn't detected and ended in the bin. Crafty move there on the part of the Big H...

Anyway, not for the mighty Honda any sort of silly nonsense like Yamaha and the cardboard cut-outs of all the staff, the bikes, the building etc. Oh no. Honda had a picture of all the staff with a robot. Yes... A robot... In a Honda story...

Anyway. The point is that Yamaha and Honda did something about Ride to Work Day, and that perhaps we all should be looking at doing a bit more for it next year...

The Get On Campaign gets going today with the Sun newspaper giving it good coverage. This is right in the target area, so well done to the Get On team.

Unfortunately, the bike media appears to have done its very best to totally ignore Get On. Superbike gave it a humorous but fair shot on line, but every other magazine or website apart from Motorcycle Trader and BDN has given it ZERO coverage as far as we can see.

The primary target for Get On is of course the non-motorcycling public, and so the specialist bike media isn't a priority. But current bikers, well most of them, are the best possible marketing tool we have for spreading the word to the unconverted, and if they don't know about the Get On campaign, then they can't talk about it and get behind it.

So the specialist bike media needs to think beyond the next press date and short term profit opportunities and look at the bigger and longer term advantages of getting behind the Get On campaign.

When the next bike mag ad man calls you for an advert, ask him what his mag is doing to support the Get On campaign. Then expect to spend some time explaining it to him...

Mr Geoff Selvidge, the well known spelling mistake from Yamaha contacted us to explain that he hadn't been getting it. We said we were sorry to hear that, but actually, we were not too surprised...

It turned out that he meant that he hadn't been getting his weekly dose of Something for the Weekend and had been reduced to reading it second-hand.

It also turned out that this was because Mr Savage had actually entered his email address incorrectly in the on-line Email news service registration form at