August 6 2009.

Working in partnership, Dainese and Gore - the makers of GORE-TEX fabrics - have created a highly technical, breathable and 100% durably waterproof racing suit for Valentino Rossi.

Rossi took to the track at the British MotoGP at the Donnington circuit in a brand new racing suit. The one-piece GORE-TEX garment is the result of a three year research and development project between Dainese and Gore.

Debuting a week earlier at the stormy Sachsenring round in Germany, the suit unites Dainese's leather expertise with the technical functionality of GORE-TEX membranes and Gore's technology expertise to deliver a 100% durably waterproof and breathable leather garment for racing. 

Dainese has been using GORE-TEX membranes in its commercial garments for several years, but the suit designed for Rossi has been fine-tuned for racing functionality. Compared to normal rain suits Rossi's suit is lightweight and less bulky as it combines all of the benefits of waterproof protection in a single composite layer. As well as benefiting from the use of the GORE-TEX membrane it has additional design features to enhance performance, including the use of kangaroo hide, which is renowned for its anti-abrasion properties and a new garment construction approach.

Gore and Dainese pride themselves on working together to deliver garments that are innovative and use all of their combined experience in the garment world. This new suit is a reflection of the success of the partnership and Rossi's reaction to the new suit has further enhanced their reputation for leading the way in leather garments for motorcycling.