August 9 2009.

Sales of powered two wheelers (PTW) including motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, fell by 26.8 per cent compared to July 2008, according to figures released today by the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI). However, July 2008 was a uniquely high-selling month, with registrations boosted by 22 per cent by the expected introduction of the new test later that year. Comparisons with July 2007 suggest an underlying market decline of around 10 per cent.

PTW registrations in July were 10,465 - a decrease of 3,841 over the same month last year, and a decrease of 1,263 over July 2007. Total PTW registrations for the first seven months of the year are down 16.8 per cent at 72,877.

The top selling bikes in July were both 125cc models - the Yamaha YZF R125 (255 units) and the Honda CBF 125M (226 units) - reflecting sustained demand for smaller-engined, learner legal machines.

The market share of bikes with engines larger than 126cc increased by 10 per cent, driven by demand for adventure sport, custom and touring bikes. The market share of 1,000cc plus bikes has increased by 21.9 per cent.

The biggest-selling make in July was Yamaha with 1,835 registrations followed by Honda (1,291) and Suzuki (1,044).

MCI's Sheila Rainger said: "July's dismal weather combined with an equally gloomy economic outlook has inevitably put pressure on sales. However, the reasons to switch to two wheels remain strong. Riding a motorcycle is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel, and provides a unique combination of fun, freedom and convenience. The motorcycle industry has launched the "Get On" campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of riding among new audiences and encourage non-riders to have a go."