August 14 2009.

The motorcycle industry is starting to cotton onto the green agenda. It could play an important part in making motorcycling a more mainstream transport solution as congestion and CO2 emissions continue to hit the headlines.

Green can also be sensible in times of economic uncertainty and pressurised natural resources, as lower consumption means lower fuel bills.

Never one to ignore a passing bandwagon and ever keen to minimise overheads, Oxford Products has replaced its entire fleet of less efficient VW Tourans with the latest VW Blue Motion Passats. These boast 57.6mpg on the combined cycle and just 129g of CO2. This move will save approximately 2,000 litres of diesel every year and provide worthwhile tax savings for staff.

Oxford's green credentials don't stop there: the 45,000 square foot building has comprehensive
recycling facilities and policies which enforce good environmental practise. Furthemore, the company is currently looking to replace its lighting system with reactive lighting, which only comes on when a person is present and switches off when they leave.

Dozen of other initiatives have already been implemented to save energy and natural resources and to make the company more efficient. Leading the green charge are MD Andrew Hammond and FD Mark Wallbutton, who have even taken to cycling into work! According to Hammond,
"Motorcycles can play a part in cleaning up the world and so can we. Green is good for life and good for business - every pound saved can go into making our products better and our company stronger"

If you would like to visit Oxford's green premises for a tour of the facilities and a presentation of their ever-growing product range, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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