August 18 2009.

There is now an Oxford battery maintenance system for all common applications (solar, low power trickle, high power multi-use) and for the average motorcyclist this latest model is the most important.

The Oximiser 900 combines the best of all worlds for motorcycle batteries:-

• It is automatic, so you simply plug it in and forget it (can be left permanently attached)

• It has an LCD screen to tell you what it is doing and condition the battery is in - you can even
use it as a battery voltage meter

• It is fully computerized, so it can be both gentle with your battery for its long term health AND
offer a rapid charge rate with its hefty 900mA when you need to get going

• It comes complete with a wall bracket and both permanent ring connectors and crocodile clips

• You can also purchase extension cords, spare connectors and cigarette-lighter connectors for
larger cruisers

The best bit is the retail price tag. You get all of this (including Oxford peace of mind) for just £39.99

More product information can be obtained from www.oxprod.com or 01993 862 300.