August 19 2009.

The distraction and tension caused by discomfort make for a bad riding style and cold hands impair your reactions; both situations reduce the enjoyment of riding and jeopardise rider safety. Don't put up with frozen fingers - get some Oxford HotGrips.

Oxford HotGrips have been keeping riders' hands toasty for over 25 years, using a combination of technology and common sense to become essential kit for the average

The new Original HotGrips retain their conservative styling, but benefit from a new electronics package which has thus far only been available on Oxford Sports HotGrips. This includes a smaller new control switch and mounting bracket, a new wiring loom and a remote "black box" which contains all the "brains" of the unit and can be fitted out of harm's way underneath the seat. The "black box" contains the safety mechanisms which deal with voltage fluctuations, regulate the temperature and prevent killing the battery if the grips are left on by mistake.  Removing these "brains" from the switch control gear increases reliability and reduces the size of the switch by 50%. Meanwhile the switch has larger, easier-to-use buttons and multiple heat settings from warm to piping hot.

Oxford Original HotGrips are sensibly priced at £69.99. There are also differently styled variants for Sportsbikes (Sports HotGrips - £69.99) and Cruisers (Cruiser HotGrips - £79.99).
All versions come with fitting instructions and everything needed to fit them.

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