September 21 2009.

The return of the Arai Quantum name brings a motorcycle helmet that is equally suitable for hot, sporty blasts down twisty roads as it is for long periods in the saddle when all-season touring.

Arai has built a new helmet that features the much-loved "Quantum fit" but also incorporates the superior technology of the MotoGP-tested RX-7 GP (launched in December 2008). The result is a sports-touring helmet that has been developed to offer new standards in comfort and safety.

As with every Arai, the stiff and strong outer shell forms an integral and very important part of the total construction. For the Quantum, the tried and trusted 'Super cLc' (Super Complex Laminate Construction) system was chosen.

The hand-built shell consists of three layers; two layers of Super Fibre with a middle layer of an exclusive, patented Arai fibre. Further increasing outer shell strength is the Arai ''Hyper Ridge'' construction at the bottom band of the helmet.

Providing riders with the safest possible helmet is paramount to Arai, which is why, unlike other brands, each and every helmet undergoes rigorous in-house safety and penetration tests similar
to that of the Snell Foundation.

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Another development that designates directly from the RX-7 GP is a visor that offers the widest field of view in the industry, which includes a further 5 mm each side over previous Arai helmets. This increased peripheral vision improves safety, especially on crossings and when overtaking, while sports riders will value the ability to see deeper into and out of bends.

The extra wide SAI visor comes complete with mounting pins for the Pinlock inlay visor that is provided, but not fitted, with every Quantum helmet. The Pinlock anti-mist inlay visor effectively prevents fogging and misting on the inside of the visor, enhancing safety and comfort. Together with the defog position on the visor lock, fogging of the visor is completely minimalized.

Ultimate comfort
The Quantum's inner shell foam lining is made of EPS (expanded polystyrene), but what makes it remarkable is the fact that three (sizes XS -L) to five (sizes XL - XXL) different densities are combined in one integrated shell. This has many safety benefits over the method used by many other brands where separate parts with different densities are assembled together.

Much attention has been paid for the Quantum to provide a fit unrivalled in its comfort. This is important for every helmet, but especially for a touring helmet where all day long comfort is paramount. The lining material is an improved, two-tone Dry-Cool that always feels cool and dry to the skin, while dispersing moisture and perspiration efficiently into the Quantum ventilation system.

The interior can easily be removed and is washable, making it easier to keep the helmet fresh. All the interior padding is replaceable and available in different thicknesses, allowing an Arai Five Star dealer to create the perfect personal fit.

An extra safety feature is the Emergency Release cheek pads that can be removed in a matter of seconds by pulling the orange tabs. This makes it much easier to remove the helmet, reducing additional injury to the neck and head in case of an accident.

Optimized ventilation
Next to a perfect fit, an efficient ventilation system contributes significantly to the total comfort experience of a helmet. Though the familiar Arai brow vents are present, guiding fresh air to the temple and forehead area, a complete new ventilation system has been developed for the

At the front fresh air enters the helmet through the improved three position chin vent. Fresh, cool air is guided to the inside of the visor or straight into the chin piece. An integrated filter prevents the entry of insects or road dirt.

On top of the helmet two large TDF3 ducts catch the cooling wind, but they can be closed, just like all vents on the Quantum, when the weather cools down. Larger push buttons are used on all ventilation devices, making them easier to use even with gloves on.

Three different exhaust vents are used on the Quantum to expel moist and warm air from the interior as quickly and efficiently as possible. On the back there is the large DDL4 one-piece duct, with a big, easy to use three position switch button. New IQ side ducts draw hot air out of the lower part of the helmet while even the neck roll is provided with an integrated exhaust vent, made of soft material to enhance the comfort.

Colours and designs
The new Quantum is available in white or black along with a wide range of exciting new designs penned by Arai's master designer, Aldo Drudi. For those wanting a bolder helmet, the 'Flag Series' with the UK or Italian flag, is an emotive option, while the 'DNA' or the very novel 'Oriental' design, will surely attract attention.

Special features
The new Quantum is fully loaded with special features such as the retractable chin spoiler that offers improved aerodynamic properties at high speeds while simultaneously enhancing comfort. Another first for Arai is the one-piece trim rubber that finishes the bottom of the helmet. This new rubber eliminates the joint, offering a more smooth and streamlined appearance.

On the inside the integrated breath deflector, identical to the one used in the RX-7 GP, combines several duties; first it prevents the hot, moist air from the nose and mouth causing misting of the visor, by guiding the air downwards. Then it functions as a guide for the fresh air from the chin vent guiding it to the inside of the visor and to the mouth area of the wearer.

The new SAI visor can be removed in a matter of seconds thanks to the LRS (Lever Release System) system. No tools are needed, perfect for easy cleaning of the visor or changing it to suit the conditions.
Arai Quantum specifications 
- New strengthened outershell in SCLC 
- SAI visor - wider peripheral vision 
- Re-designed cheekpads with Emergency Release Tab 
- Removable, washable interior lining 
- New lining with even better performance than Dry-Cool 
- Enhanced ventilation system: 
- TDF-2 Duct (front) big intake and bigger button 
- New rear Duct (rear) bigger button - optimized ventilation 
- New UG exhaust Ducts 
- Comfort and fit on higher level 
- One-piece trimrubber 
- New designed chinvent 
- Available in white, black, Flag UK, Flag Italy, DNA Black, DNA White, Urban, Oriental

The Quantum begins at £399.99 for single colours and £469.99 for graphics. For more information on Arai products, contact 01782 569 800 or visit