September 24 2009.

The inaugural ceremony of the new Husqvarna Motorcycles Headquarters was held on Monday at Cassinetta di Biandronno (Varese). It has been built to expand the site of the motorcycle manufacturer in via Nino Bixio 8. Present at the ceremony were Hendrik Von Kuenheim, President of BMW Motorrad, and Rainer Thoma, President and Managing Director of Husqvarna Motorcycles, together with civil and church authorities and the workers themselves.

Over an overall area of 42,320 square metres, the new building covers a space of 6,300 square
metres, with the partial demolition of an old pre-existing warehouse of about 600 square metres. The building, covering a space of 2,603 square metres, has three floors above ground for a total of 5,800 square metres and 25,156 cubic metres. Fitted with the latest thermal and acoustic insulation in conformity with regulations governing energy saving, it also has a system of solar panels providing hot water for the whole building. Construction work began on 2nd July 2008 and has lasted less than 15 months in all.

The new headquarters completes the layout of the Cassinetta plant. "The new Headquarters and its organisation have been planned to facilitate the development of the product and to integrate all the production unitsinvolved in the creation process of the entire Husqvarna Motorcycles range in an optimal manner. The structure has been designed to face the foreseen growth in the medium term and to be expanded in the long term. For example, the production capacity of the plant can, with only minor further changes, arrive at a quota of 40,000 motorcycles a year," explained Rainer Thoma, President and Managing Director of Husqvarna
Motorcycles, declared Rainer Thoma, President and Managing Director of Husqvarna Motorcycles.