September 25 2009.

Britain's bikers are determined not to let rising fuel prices get the better of them, with an online survey revealing that motorcycle owners will not be using their bikes less frequently after the recent 2p increase in duty.

An online survey by Carole Nash insurance found that a staggering 82.9% of respondents claimed that the recent increase in fuel duty would not force them to use their motorcycle
less frequently. Just less than one in five riders (17.1%) admitted that the two-pence fuel hike would make them think twice about unnecessary journeys.

Visitors to, the company's online biking magazine, demonstrated a united front in their determination not to be defeated by rising fuel prices, despite the average cost of a litre of unleaded now standing at around 106p per litre.

The findings go against fears that rising fuel prices will harm tourism and leisure spending, with motorcycle riders still keen to enjoy their weekend ride-out as well as their daily commute.

Indeed, it is believed that rising fuel costs, increasing congestion and reforms to vehicle excise duty are actually behind an increased take-up in motorcycle riding despite the economic downturn, with industry statistics revealing strong sales of learner-legal, fuel efficient motorcycles in recent months.