October 14 2009

Malossi has developed the following range of items for the Yamaha T-Max for use in the successful T-Max race series in Italy.

560cc cylinder kit - The single block alloy twin cylinder is produced from a special blend of alloys that is hardened and stress relieved and machined to extremely tight tolerances to produce an increase of approximately 15% in overall power.

500cc high compression piston kits - For those owners who do not want to increase the capacity, Malossi has produced a special set of replacement pistons to be used with the original 500cc cylinders. The pistons have an increased compression ratio to gain that little bit more oomph.

All products are available to pre-order now.

YM313666 Malossi 560cc Cylinder Yamaha T-Max 2008 on (4B5 Motor) POA
YM313687 Malossi 560cc Cylinder Yamaha T-Max 2004>2008 (5VU Motor) POA

YM343706 Malossi High Compression 66mm Pistons Yamaha T-Max POA

Wild Lion exhaust - Not just bred for the race circuit; it has also been designed with the road user in mind. Featuring both stainless steel and anodised aluminium for both weight saving and strength, whilst maintaining the elegance to match the T-Max's lines. The exhaust is fully homologated for road use.

Other performance enhancing items include cams, transmission, suspension and brake parts.

YM593783 Malossi Twin Power Cams POA
YM513642 Malossi MHR Variator POA
YM513513 Malossi Multivar (5GJ Motor) POA
YM513516 Malossi Multivar (5VU & 4B5 Motor) POA
YM612917 Malossi X-Kevlar Belt £86.00
YM292772-R Malossi Red Torsion Spring POA
YM292772-W Malossi White Torsion Spring POA
YM292772-Y Malossi Yellow Torsion Spring POA
YM613806 Malossi Variator Fan Pulley POA
YM322721 Malossi Wild Lion Exhaust (5GJ & 5VU Motors) POA
YM324130 Malossi Wild Lion Exhaust (4B5 Motor) POA
YM463598 Malossi RS24 Rear Damper POA
YM183205 Malossi 25+ Rear Suspension Bracket POA
YM622347 Malossi Whoop Disc (front only 5GJ Motor) POA
YM623318 Malossi Whoop Disc Set (5VU Motor) POA
YM623715 Malossi Whoop Disc Set (4B5 Motor) POA
YM622134 Malossi MHR Front Disc Pads (5GJ Motor) POA
YM622135 Malossi MHR Rear Disc Pads (5GJ Motor) POA
YM622106 Malossi MHR Disc Pads (5VU & 4B5 Motors) POA

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