October 16 2009.

With new "stealth" UV reactive etching, unique DNA marking and improved electronic 'tags'.

Datatag, the market leaders in security marking systems, has developed an all new system which contains not only a new and invisible Ultra Violet etching system, but also a new and unique forensic DNA solution and a new combination if its electronic 'Datatags'.

The new 'UV' system, which actually etches a permanent UV mark into the bodywork, is virtually invisible to the naked eye and once applied can only clearly be seen under UV light. As such, it does not visibly mark or spoil the aesthetics of a motorcycle's bodywork - important when your customer has just spent thousands on their new pride and joy! As with the previous style etchings, these new 'UV' ones cannot be removed or defaced without damaging the bike, and thus making any illegal activity easy to spot.

Additionally, Datatag has introduced a new layer of security in Datadots, with the addition of a forensic chemical DNA called Datatag DNA; an invisible and individually unique solution. This solution, as well as being unique to every motorcycle fitted, is also so accurate that one single drop in an olympic sized swimming pool can be detected by the Datatag laboratory, thus verifying ownershipbeyond doubt.

Finally the all-new tagging system is completed with a new combination of Datatag's electronic tags or 'Datatags' which are permanently hidden in areas such as the frame, wheels and wiring loom. These new tags have a greater 'read' range and cannot be tampered with or erased. The new 'pill' tag has been redesigned in solid ABS plastic and as such can withstand almost any amount of impact or vibration, making it the ideal tag for wheels and frame. In fact all Datatag's electronic tags have been designed to have an indefinite life, with early tags still being read by the Police 15 years after fitting.

Motorcycle theft is something that affects us all - whether you have been the victim of a theft or had your premiums increased as a result of theft in your area - we all suffer. And you only have to read the stories in the press to see just how big a problem this is, with over twenty five thousand machines stolen in 2008 alone.

For criminals, motorcycle theft is a very lucrative business, with most high-end motorcycles stolen to order. Machines are usually stripped down for their parts to be sold individually or in order to create a 'clone', which is then sold on as a legitimate machine to an unsuspecting customer.

Dealers should be extra vigilant in checking both chassis and engine numbers to ensure that a machine has not been tampered with. Of course if the machine has been Datatagged, dealers should call the 24 hour helpline to find out if that number is actually registered to that machine and that it has not been reported stolen.

Alarms and tracker systems, whilst important in helping beat the criminals, should not be relied upon without additional support. They may deter some theft - opportunist joy riding for one - but serious criminals can and will routinely overcome the obstacle of alarms and trackers due to the potential rewards that can be made.

Datatag has time and time again proved itself to be the most effective deterrent to theft, due to its success in permanently marking every major component of a bike, thus making the machine unattractive to a potential thief.

Fitting Datatag means a criminal would have to virtually destroy a motorcycle to remove all the unique Datatag identification technology and every last molecule of new Datatag DNA to be confident that the motorcycle - or any parts of the machine - could not be traced back to the true registered keeper.

As such a Datatagged motorcycle is far less attractive than one without Datatag. In fact independent research has shown that a motorcycle, when not protected with a system such as Datatag, is 2-5 times more likely to be stolen. And only Datatag has a 100% success rate since 1992 in gaining prosecutions and helping to identify stolen property - something criminals are well aware of.

The new, improved Datatag 'UV' System now comes with:

NEW 'UV' etching technology for invisible permanent marking

NEW invisible forensic DNA marking

NEW and unique electronic transponder combination

NEW Thatcham TQA approval

NEW Secured by Design approval (Police preferred specification)

NEW warning decal, designed to compliment today's machines

NEW packaging design

Datatag, with an SRP of £89.95, offers great margins and can be purchased by the trade through Datatool at attractive trade prices. Datatag also offers dealers an additional profit opportunity through a fitting charge to customers.

Dealers should contact their Datatool Area Manager, or their Yamaha Motor (UK) Area Sales Manager. Alternatively they can make contact with Datatool direct on 0844 8717847 or Yamaha Motor (UK) Ltd on 01932 358150 to place an order.