December 4 2006.

Skidmarx has developed a range of bolt-on bodywork for the new CB1000 designed to enhance the riding ease that the all-round litre-class Honda was designed for.
Tall screens are a popular addition not only for taller riders but also for those planning to use this fun-to-ride machine for touring or commuting.  The Skidmarx screen directly replaces the original item but is produced in tough 4mm thick acrylic and is 10cm/4" longer, re-directing airflow higher over the rider.  It is available in clear, light or dark tints at £54.95.  Matching headlight covers are available, also in 3mm acrylic, which can be attached/removed quickly and easily with Scotch Lock fixing pads that are supplied with them.  The retail price is £19.50 in clear or tint styles.
Belly pans are a stylish addition that also help to keep road grime and spray of engine casings and exhaust down pipes.  Skidmarx belly pans are trimmed to suit specific models and supplied complete with a tailored fitting kit.   They can be matched up with radiator quarter panels that are designed to 'marry up' with the original top fairing to give the 'fully faired' look and add further protection to the motorcycle.  The belly pans sell for £79.95 and the quarter panels for £65.50 per pair.
For owners looking to protect their rear ends from getting mucky, Skidmarx produce a hugger using GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), which are designed specifically for the CBF1000 to ensure an accurate fit and appropriate styling.  The CBF hugger bolts directly onto the swing arm and simple to follow fitting instructions and a mounting kit are included.  Produced in black, the Skidmarx hugger retails for £65.50.

Contact Skidmarx on 01305 780808 or visit www.skidmarx.co.uk