December 6 2006

Oxford Products is currently hand-selecting an exclusive dealer network for the following brands, recently added to its portfolio.
- Schuberth Helmets
- NEXX Helmets
- ICON clothing
- Spool clothing 
In more detail: Oxford now has the most comprehensive helmet offering in the industry, as it adds the following brands to its current stable of HJC (the world's biggest helmet brand) and BOX (Oxford's own entry level brand).
Schuberth Helmets
This company has a simple goal: to design and build the world's finest motorcycle helmets - technically, functionally and practically, in true Teutonic style. The brand dominates the premium end of the fussy German helmet market, aiming to please customers with unsurpassed comfort, quality and attention to detail. Countless magazines test reports from around the world attest to the quality, the comfort and the attention to detail enjoyed by Schuberth helmet owners. However, their greatest claim to fame is that they have been named the world's quietest helmets by independent test houses. And the fact that Michael Schumacher paid £200,000 to break his existing helmet contract in order to move to Schuberth - because he was so convinced that Schuberth offered superior protection (Schuberth did not pay him a bean).
Oxford's exclusive distribution of Schuberth in the UK makes for a perfect fit into their helmet range - above HJC (in terms of price point).
NEXX Helmets
NEXX offers a wide range of extraordinarily fashionable, funky helmet designs, which are aimed squarely at the scooter and custom market. Designed by a young, innovative team and produced using cutting edge techniques, NEXX helmets are unique in employing wacky materials to set themselves apart from the rest. To name a few: multi-coloured leather, polished aluminium, camouflage and denim cloth.
Nexx fills an important niche in the market and completes Oxford's helmet offering with an 'Urban Chic' twist.

Oxford has also taken the exciting opportunity to establish the following clothing brands in the UK:-
ICON Clothing
The biggest selling clothing brand in the US has finally come to our shores. It offers a VERY different take on motorcycle clothing, which is precisely what a crowded market needs. Though mass-market in the states, it will be channelled through a very limited number of dealers in the UK, all of whom will enjoy fulsome margins and a close relationship with the brand and the way it is developed in the UK over the coming years. The range includes a wide range of high-fashion leather and textile jackets, jeans, t-shirts, boots and gloves.
Spool Clothing
HJC (the world's biggest helmet brand) also has an impressive clothing division, the result of which is SPOOL. The broad range of leather and textiles covers one-piece and two-piece suits, plus numerous functional and fashionable jackets, gloves and boots. These mainstream products at extremely competitive prices will be offered to a hand-picked dealer network - these outlets will enjoy strong margins and be asked to help shape the way in which the brand develops in the UK over the coming years.

To register an interest in becoming part of an exclusive dealer network, contact Oxford Products Ltd. on 01993 862 300 or info@oxprod.com