October 27 2009.

A series of quad bike thefts in and around Durham by an organised gang has been foiled thanks to Durham and Cleveland police. While the criminals had expertly stolen and hidden one such vehicle, the tracking technology from Tracker, the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery company was instrumental in locating it, as well as a stolen Ifor Williams box trailer.

As part of a police sting operation following the series of thefts, a local farmer had a tracking unit installed on his Honda 400cc quad. The bike was stolen, but this time the thieves were caught out thanks to a combined effort by the Police helicopter and ground units and Tracker's VHF locating technology. While the thieves had managed to get the bike to Middlesborough and hide it in a shed, the tracking unit allowed police to locate it and make the arrests.

Martin Forro, Motorcycle Sales Manager for Tracker explains "The bike had been transported 40 miles, which meant Durham had to work closely with Cleveland police to trace the vehicle and catch the thieves. Tracker is the only stolen vehicle recovery provider working with all 52 police forces in the UK and once again this relationship was essential to finding the stolen quad. By working side-by-side with the police, Tracker's unique stolen vehicle recovery system offers a very real threat to vehicle thieves."

Andy Huddleston, Temporary Superintendent for Durham Constabulary, adds, "Tracker was instrumental in the success of this operation. Not only did we recover the stolen quad, but we also located a stolen Ifor Williams box trailer, making this a double blow for the thieves. The hidden unit meant our teams on the ground and in the air could trace the stolen quad bike and make a successful arrest. We have made a number of successful recoveries and arrests, thanks to Tracker, and once again the value of this partnership has been highlighted." 

Tracker stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen places around the vehicle. There is no visible aerial, so the thief won't even know it's there. Unlike other tracking systems, the device works even if the vehicle is hidden in a garage or taken abroad, offering car owners the ultimate in peace of mind should the worst happen.

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