November 5 2009.

Even the hardened Sheriff of Nottingham from the tales of Robin Hood would stop and think twice before levying a tax as grossly unfair as Westminster City Council's robbery of motorcyclists and scooter riders in the English capital, said New Party National Spokesperson Richard Vass today, as he urged people to support a local campaign to end the tax before other councils follow Westminster's lead.

At a time when governments are seeking to promote the use of low carbon emitting transport and ease congestion, Westminster Council has decided to do the opposite and penalise riders through a parking tax. So far it has bagged the Council £2.5million with little to show in return for riders.

"Robin Hood's Sheriff of Nottingham would be embarrassed by this level of robbery," said Vass today. "It is even more perplexing as it is out of step with Transport for London's targets for reducing congestion. Bikes and scooters are fuel efficient and help ease congestion.

"This is a simple grab for cash mentality, which is reflected on Westminster Council's website. Unlike most other council sites, one of the first words you see isn't 'welcome' but 'pay'*. This is a grossly unfair stealth tax that needs to be removed now and fines already paid refunded."

The New Party is fully supporting the No To Bike Parking Tax campaign across Westminster spearheaded by chairman Warren Djanogly. This non-political group is seeking to put an end to the Westminster mugging and is raising funds to take legal action against the Council. Bike riders across the country should pledge support, says Vass, as this could soon become a national issue.

"We are offering our support to the group because they are standing up for what is right through legitimate protest. And if Westminster wins this battle and retains the tax then it is only a short time before councils across the UK catch on and follow suit.We need to stop this now. It is anti-environment and grossly unfair to riders."

Information on the No To The Bike Parking Tax campaign can be found at