November 10 2009.

VE (UK) has supported a team of six people driving an old car to Mongolia in aid of "Mercy Corps",a charity aimed at implementing training, advocacy and networking programs that will enable communities to develop projects to address what the communities have identified as priority issues.

The community-led projects include setting up traditional Mongolian felt tent kindergartens, building children's playgrounds, establishing youth development centres, building wells, and implementing environmentally friendly waste management.

The 7828 mile adventure involving eleven countries, one ridiculously impractical car, (under 1000cc), on roads unfit for even a Landrover Defender, with the aim of reaching Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia.

They were part of the Mongol Rally, an event running since 2004, raising thousands of pounds for charities along the way. The rally crosses two continents, two deserts and five mountain ranges with teams reaching the finish within 2-6 weeks of the start.