November 11 2009.

Commenting on the proposals for implementation of the third Driving Licence Directive, the MCI and MCITA states:

The implementation of the Third Driving Licence Directive is an opportunity to improve motorcyclists' safety, which must not be missed, nor smothered in gold-plating. The EU offered member states a choice between training and testing. The consultation proposes a confusion of training AND testing as the route to a full motorcycle licence.

Training, not testing, is the option which will make the greatest contribution to improving rider safety. The Government should have the confidence to implement the full training option, not the confused mix offered in this proposal. Training as the route to a full licence will not only improve rider skills but help to create a culture of lifelong learning among motorcyclists.

While the costs of any reform are of course an important factor, the decision between training and testing must be made on road safety grounds alone. Costs can be kept manageable if the Government resists the temptation to gold-plate the implementation of this directive and sticks to its promise to implement it "with the lightest touch possible".