November 12 2009

Applications for Trade Day tickets for the Carole Nash International Motorcycle and Scooter Show at the NEC close in eight days time.

To apply for tickets for Trade Day on Thursday November 26th, simply click on this link: and enter the password TRADE9.

Ticket sales close on Thursday 19th November 2009 at 5pm.

The NEC Show gives trade visitors the chance to view, discuss and order 2010 products from importers, distributors and suppliers.

See the full exhibitor list below:

P & P Seating Limited CX14
Cunningham Marketing ( 3K40
Vortex 3L10
Autocom Products Ltd 1 E79
SueMe Ltd CX15B
STP Motorsport 2C54
D H Autos 3 E25
Venture Tape Europe 1F62B
Action Cameras 3B37
UTAG Ltd 2F52
Madison OR060
Eye Level Optical 3A36
Skidmarx (UK) Limited 1 E80
RDM Limited T/A Infinity Motorcycles 2F37
Silvermachine 3C30
Jumbo GB Organisation 2C55
Frank Thomas Limited 3H20a
Sainila Group 3D38
Lovebomb Ltd 3D34
George White T1-T2
Powerbronze International Ltd 2C22
Suzuki GB Plc 1E50R
Discount Bike Store Ltd 3L39
On 2 Wheels Distribution 3A10
Renapur Ltd 3A34
Flair Newcastle Limited 3J30
Yamaha Motor (UK) Limited 1C30
City of Leather 2G41
The Magazine Man CX9
Specialised Bike Covers 3P05
RDM Limited T/A Infinity Motorcycles 3K20
Kims Motorsport Galleries 3E32]
Wicked Graphics CX16
Nick Sanders 2C10.
Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd 1H30
In-Excess UK Ltd t/a Promech Racing 2F55
Blueflame Performance Engineering Ltd 1D50
Helmet City 2H40
Helmet City 2J45
Network Brands Ltd 3B39
R & G Racing 3H10b
Triumph Motorcycles Limited 1F50R
Draggin Jeans (Wild & Wicked Ltd) 3M20.
Npower 3M35
Oxford Products Ltd 2J35,2H37,2H35,2G37,2G35
JWT (UK) Ltd (Gearchange) 2B25b
Tecstar Electronics Ltd 2C05
Bulletproof Clothing Company Ltd 2G46
Technology Direct Ltd 3M25
Performance Parts Ltd 1D24
Speedycom Performance Ltd 2D35
Alpha Motorcycles Ltd 3A20
Traveldri-Plus 2G20
Road Angel Group Ltd 2G40
Planet Knox 2E30B
Touratech UK Ltd 1 E19
Frank Thomas Limited 3N20
Whotzhot Ltd 2K30
Steve Whyman 2H55
Abba Motorcycle Equipment Ltd 2K25
Light Commercials (Models) CX1
Dust Off! Covers (Bramble Associates) 2G30
Sartoris Products Limited 3J37
Klan Srl 3M30
CGH Imports Ltd OR015
Big Ear Inc. 3B30
Sprint Moto UK Ltd 2H52
Bike It International 2F48
George White OR070
Padgett's (Batley) Limited 2G47
YGC 3A32
Buffera Ltd CX15
Global Lubricants NI Ltd 3K32
Cluez Business Solutions 3A30
Davida UK Ltd 3C40
Hawaii Business Show Ent OR080
HGB Daytona Motorcycles 2G39
BSH Solution 3L38
Trade Direct 3B32
Nick Sanders 2F59
On 2 Wheels Distribution 3F10
Skidmarx (UK) Limited 3K36
California Superbike School 1 E16
Generator NPD Ltd T/A Kriega 1D08
Two Wheelers International 2F50
David Silver Spares 2J59
Robosteel 2G10
Racebikebitz OR047
JWT (UK) Ltd (Gearchange) 3B25a
Touratech UK Ltd 1E20R
Clinton Enterprises Ltd 3F20
Bikerswear 3C10
Bikerswear 3B10
Keith Martin Photography 1F60
Onfire 3J33
Moto Direct Ltd 2K60
Duke Marketing Ltd 2J30
Moto Direct Ltd 3C20
Emtec Laboratories 3 E30
Grinfactor 2K40
Proto UK Ltd 3H30
Just Bandits Ltd CX8
Hunter Class Ltd 2J50
Pro-Bolt Ltd 2C56
Frank Thomas Limited 3H20b
Eryri Hearing Healthcare 3L36
Touratech UK Ltd 1 E20
The Polishing Shop 2G42
George White 3P20
George White 3P25
Rawland 3C35
Health Screen 3D36
Motus Bikewear Ltd 3K30
The Transatlantic Trading Company 3L25
Scott Leathers 3D25
Custom Made Ear Protection 3A24
Ducati UK Ltd 1C70
On 2 Wheels Distribution 3D10
Silent Riders OR011
Silver Fern Sales Ltd 3D32
HRS Motorcycles Limited 3H35
Hawaii Business Show Ent 3G10
Ontime Media Ltd 3 E34
Crossbow 2G45
Arthur Carter Ltd 2G43 Ltd CX11
Central Wheel Components Ltd 3K05
Central Wheel Components Ltd 3D20
Harris Performance Products 2D32
Gruff's Studio 2F40
California Superbike School 1 E15
Baglux UK Ltd 3L35
Gorgeous Bikes 2F44
Fat Skeleton CX6
Microfibre Boxers 2F42
Clearsightpartners Ltd 2K27 3 E36 2F58
Bikerswear 3B20
Tools-for-the-Trade Ltd 2G44
Nevis Marketing R2
Planet Knox 2 E30
Frank Thomas Limited 3J20
Goodyear Dunlop Tyres Ltd R8
Jofama AB 1C40 Ltd T8
Quill Exhausts 1D06
Trailblazers - Spain OR010
Alpine TT T2
Honda UK 1J22
Trailblazers - Spain 2B26.
The Royal Britsh Legion Charity 3D30
Rieju UK Ltd 1B37
MCI Tours T5
Performance Parts Ltd 1D25
Isle of Man TT 1J20
Kiddimoto Ltd 1F65
Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours Ltd T12
Quantya UK Ltd OR048
Polaris Britain Ltd / Victory Motorcycles 1 E30 1D20
Riders for Health 1C63
On 2 Wheels Distribution 2K20
CGH Imports Ltd OR025
FGM Claymore (Cectek) 1B38
George White R6
Driving Standards Agency 1D45
Oxford Products Ltd 2H31
Adventure Peru Motorcycling Ltd OR170
Oxford Products Ltd 2G33
Kawasaki Motors UK 1D40.
Nick Sanders 2F60
Department for Transport 2H30
Yamaha MX GP Race Team OR090
Thundersport GB 1C35
KRM Motorhomes & Racetransporters UK 2F27Additional
Hottrax 1F67
BMW Motorrad GB 1 E40
Institute of Advanced Motorists 1C50
Hagon Products Ltd 2D15.
Watsonian-Squire Ltd 2 E25
Goodridge Ltd 2J70
Triumph Motorcycles Limited 1F50
eCity Wheels Ltd 1D74
Carole Nash Insurance 2B15
Bike Normandy T22
Eurosecure Ltd 1C65
Ducati UK Ltd 1C72
Direct Helmets 2J25
NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd 2G25
Carole Nash Insurance 2C20
Speedycom Performance Ltd 2D34
Links Plant & Equipment Ltd c/o L.P.E. Kawasaki OR150
Red Torpedo R4
Ride With Us T26
Goldwing Owners Club of GB 1B35
On 2 Wheels Distribution 2K50
Yamaha Motor (UK) Limited 1D30
Powerbronze International Ltd 2D20
Hotel Enzian T20
TJ Studio UK CX19
Dust Devils S.L. T28
Hadrian V-Twin Motorcycle Tours & Rentals T15
Phoenix Distribution 2G50
Thunderchild 1C60
Staffordshire County Council 2B25
Oxford Products Ltd 2H33
BRP Recreational Products UK Ltd 1C20
Honda Owners Club GB 1A06
Gasthof Hochalmspitze T14
The BMW Club 1A02
AMCA Limited OR035
BEN 2H60
Surf & Turf Instant Shelters 2F49
CJ Ball & Son T7
Suzuki GB Plc 1 E50
KRM Motorhomes & Racetransporters UK 2F27
R & G Racing 3H10a
Big CC Racing Ltd CX20
Central Wheel Components Ltd 2J05
McAms/Armstrong Solicitors Ltd 1D78
GlobeBusters T27
Ten Kate Moteren b.v. R7
Venture Tape Europe 1F62
Ekselsior Limited OR085
Spyder Club Ltd 1D70
Mini Moto Racing Ltd 2J10
DVLA Personalised Registrations 2F25
Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd 1H25
Harris Performance Products 2D33
CSMA Club 1B25
MCN 1H20
The Mulberry Group 1D72
Ocean Media CX5
Compass Expeditions T21
KTM Sportmotorcycle UK Ltd 1F40
Auto Cycle Union (ACU) OR072
H-C Travel T23-T24-T25
Hel Performance Products 1 E65
Suzuki Owners Club 1A10
Husqvarna 1 E60
Trader Media Group - Bike Trader 1 E70
F J Owners Club 1B30
Nicholas Pole CX18
Silverstone Circuits Limited 1D60
Kudu Expeditions T10
David Silver Spares 2J60
VFR New Zealand Ltd T3
Phoenix Distribution 2F35
Davies Odell 3L20
Dynojet UK Ltd 2G29
MCE Insurance 1F20
Oxford Products Ltd 2J32,2H32,2G32