November 12 2009.

The Retail Motor Industry Federation's (RMI) Motorcycle Retailers Association (MRA) has announced the first dealer attitude survey for motorcycle retailers.

The twice yearly dealer attitude survey for car retailers has been a huge success and is considered the only true independent, confidential and creditable survey reflecting the views of all new car dealers.

The car dealer survey strives to gauge dealer opinion of the relationship with their manufacturer and to facilitate dialogue between dealer and manufacturer in an effort to improve their working relationship. The survey receives wide motor trade press coverage and is regularly referred to by dealers, manufactures' and other industry commentators.

Now the franchised motorcycle dealers have an opportunity to express these views and a summary of the results of the first motorcycle dealer attitude survey carried out this October, can be found below.

A simple survey form has been sent to all franchised motorcycle dealers; both MRA members and non members and this will continue every spring and autumn. There is no requirement for dealer details as the survey is completely confidential, the results will continue to be freely available to the media and press, and manufactures' and dealers who partake in the survey or who are members of the MRA.

Stephen Latham, Head of the MRA said 'The survey has been fully supported by all motorcycle manufacturers as a valuable source of independent views and information, allowing them to evaluate their policies towards their dealers'.

The UK has around 600 motorcycle dealers, all of which were asked to submit a survey for each franchise they hold. The MRA received over 100 replies, with the volume brands showing more support for the survey than more specialist brands. However with fewer specialist brand retailers, results have not been skewed by the lower participation rate. It is hoped that in future surveys more specialist brands will choose to participate to alleviate any concerns.

Latham continued 'This is our first survey and we are delighted with the rate of response, over the next few years we hope more and more dealers will participate and that we can emulate the 24% rate of response which the car dealer attitude survey regularly receives'.

Some results from the survey can be seen below:

· Dealer completion was made up of 80% Independent dealers and 20% private groups

· The split between solus and multi franchise was 50/50

· 57% of dealers sold 100-300 new motorcycles per year and 67% of dealers sold 100-300 used motorcycles per year.

· Satisfaction with supply & stocking arrangements was at 64% with BMW, Harley & Triumph leading the group and with Piaggio and KTM at the bottom

· Satisfaction with sales target negotiations was at 56% with Yamaha, BMW & Harley at the top of the group and with Triumph and Piaggio trailing

· Satisfaction with product image, price & value was at 64% with Triumph and Harley leading the field and with KTM at the bottom

· Satisfaction with regular introduction of new models for the volume producers was at 66% with Kawasaki, Yamaha and Triumph leading the group

· Satisfaction with sales incentives was at 64% with Triumph and Yamaha leading the group and Ducati & Piaggio at the bottom

· Satisfaction with the warranty arrangements was at 72% with Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha leading the group

· Satisfaction with payment of warranty claims was at 70%, best payers being Kawasaki and Yamaha and with BMW, KTM and Triumph taking too long

· Dealers saw low value in the FSA regulations but perceived the DVLA to be doing a good job with its AFRL registration scheme

· Satisfaction with manufacturers taking dealer views and opinions into account averaged at 52% with Yamaha, Triumph and Harley being the best at doing so

· Satisfaction with the dealer - manufacturer partnership was at 70% with Yamaha, Triumph and Harley being over 80%

· Retail labour rates were at an average of £46.60 with BMW and Harley being somewhat higher

· Warranty labour rates were at an average of £41.60 with Ducati, Piaggio and KTM being lower

· Satisfaction with the profit return representing the brand averaged at a low 52% with higher results from Harley dealers at 70% and Triumph dealers at 66%

1. Harley Davidson 95%
2. Triumph 83%
3. Yamaha 74%
4. KTM 70%
5. Ducati 63%
6. Honda & Kawasaki 62%
7. Suzuki 61%
8. BMW 60%
9. Piaggio 46%
10. Average 64%