November 18 2009.

Brighton has become one of the first places in the UK to be equipped with specially made charging stations for electric vehicles. The first four of an initial batch of ten Elektrobay plug-in points were installed earlier this month, backed by the city's council, and an additional ten are planned for next year. Developed and manufactured by Brighton-based firm Elektromotive, Elektrobay charging stations can be accessed by means of personalised wireless key-fobs which are supplied to subscription-paying customers.

It is hoped that Brighton will benefit from the increased use of emissions-free electric vehicles, which are much cleaner and quieter than conventional automobiles. More than 100 charging points have been installed in London, with plans to expand coverage across the UK and Europe.

But will electric vehicles catch on? Are they a practical solution to air and noise pollution? And are we likely to see commercially available electric bikes and scooters any time soon? These are just some of the questions Motorcycle Trader put to Elektromotive's managing director Calvey Taylor-Haw.

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