October 6 2005.
Until now the phrases "making a statement" and "electric bike" have rarely if ever appeared in the same sentence. That's just changed with the advent of the swashbuckling, retro-styled Mustang electric Chopper bike from Sakura, which takes electric bike design to a whole new level, making an unabashedly "in-your-face" type statement.
 "The adult-sized electric chopper bike, a full 7ft 2in long and featuring a metallic red paint finish, flame design, chrome handlebars and a wide motorcycle-style rear tyre,  does not so much demand attention as scream for it" says Dan Hornby Sakura's sales  director.
Modelled on the Harley-Davidson chopper motorcycle, this startling evolution of the until-now staid electric bicycle nevertheless shares many of the features and all of the advantages of its less eye-catching predecessors.
"The Mustang is the third new bike we have introduced in as many months. These new products, along with high dealer margins, have made us the top electric bike supplier in the UK" Hornby notes.  With more new products due in the New Year, the company expects to double its bike sales in 2006. 
For people of all ages and from all walks of life, electric bikes represent a practical, low-cost form of transport whether getting to work in crowded cities or round and about in rural areas with poor public transport.
What has kept many potential buyers away until now has been the pure functionality of electric bikes.  "Functional the Mustang Chopper bike may still be, but boy does it have a statement to make," says Hornby.
 And it's affordable to the retail customer, at a price of ¬£599 with highly attractive  dealer margins.  As an trade added bonus, it's only available through authorised Sakura dealers and not through discount outlets such as internet traders, mail order companies or chain stores.
For more information on the Mustang or becoming a Sakura dealer contact Dan Hornby on tel: 020 8896 1133, email: sakurab@btconnect.com, or visit our web site http://www.sbsb.co.uk
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