October 13 2005.
XENA, the company behind the unique disc lock alarms, has introduced a range of stand-alone garage alarms.
 Statistics show that 80% of motorcycles are stolen from the owner's home address and over 50% of these from locked garages, so there is clearly a market for these products.
There are three alarms in the range, starting with the Door/Window alarm.  This compact alarm can be stuck in place with adhesive pads supplied, as is the magnetic sensor pad.  The deafening 130db alarm is triggered when the contact between the alarm and sensor pad is broken.
The PIR alarm offers a higher level of security.  This wall-mounted unit has a 90° infrared movement sensor with a 6M range.  It is powered by 4 x AA batteries and can be armed/disarmed with a remote control key fob.  Once the alarm is set the operator has 30 seconds to leave the room and 10 seconds to deactivate it on return.    If triggered, the 130db siren will sound for 30 seconds then re-set.
Topping the range is a ceiling-mounted PIR alarm with a 360° infrared sensor.  Like the wall-mounted alarm, it has a 6M range and 130db alarm - that's as loud as a jackhammer and 10db louder than an ambulance siren!
·         XENA Door Alarm - £8.99 inc. VAT.
·         XENA PIR Alarm + Remote - £29.99 inc. VAT.
·         XENA Ceiling-Mount PIR + Remote - £35.99 inc. VAT.

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