October 20 2005.
Scotland is the UK's hotspot for SuperSport bike owners, with Wishaw in North Lanarkshire leading the pack (42 per cent of all bikes owned in Wishaw are SuperSports) pursued by Peterhead, Arbroath and Bathgate. By contrast, Knutsford, Amersham and Southport in England are top locations for the ownership of Touring bikes while Havant in Hampshire is the place to go for Custom bikes.
London, not surprisingly, is the UK's capital for scooters. However, perhaps more surprising, is the fact that scooters now appear to be the vehicle of choice for the urban elites and the most affluent sections of London society.
Experian has profiled over 620,000 owner records of motorcycles (registered since 1999) using Mosaic Automotive, its market leading classification system for the automotive sector.  The new analysis has been made possible following a unique agreement between the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCIA) and Experian®, the global information solutions company, to enhance the DVLA motorcycle records with additional data from the MCIA.
The Mosaic Automotive analysis reveals that the typical SuperSports bike owner is male, recently married, well educated, hard working, smartly turned out with a well paid job in computing, sales or marketing. They may even have young children. By contrast, owners of Custom or Touring bikes are typically middle aged, professional, wealthy, living in the countryside with children at school or university.
The research also reveals that many scooter owners in London are amongst the UK's highest income earners (Global Connections). These people fall into the Mosaic Group "Symbols of Success" and are typically very affluent, cosmopolitan sophisticates living in extremely expensive housing and working in top City jobs. Common names for this type of scooter owner include Sebastian and Olivia. In addition to Global Connectors, scooters are also largely owned by Mosaic types called "City Adventurers" and "New Urban Colonists". These are typically young, single, well educated and cultured urban dwellers with names like Ben and Chloe.
Nich Brown, Director of Research and Statistical Studies, MCIA, commented: "This is the first time industry analysis has been made available that profiles the motorcycle parc. The service will prove invaluable to motorcycle manufacturers, equipment suppliers and marketers in understanding the pattern of motorcycle ownership across the UK."
Mark Carlyon, Head of Automotive at Experian's Business Strategies division commented: "The Mosaic Automotive profiles reveal the typical owners of every different style of motorcycle including Scooters, Mopeds, Custom, Trail, SuperSports, Naked and Tourers.
"The analysis reveals the rural dominance of motorcycle ownership (particularly in Scotland) with the exception, mainly, of the scooter which has become the vehicle of choice for affluent city dwellers in London and urban elites in other major UK cities. It also shows a significant level of motorcycle ownership in Scotland and the Borders. This is not just for SuperSports but across all the available bike styles, such as Sports, Tourers and Trail bikes. This may well be to do with easy access to open roads in Scotland, and less traffic, making biking much more of a thrill there."