October 29 2005.

BikeSafe has announced new plans to bridge the gap in motorcycle safety at the NEC International Motorcycle and Scooter Show  which runs throught to November 6th.
A new strategy has been developed that is working towards creating a product that will help bridge the gap between assessments and post-test training.
In a drive to develop stronger links with the motorcycle training industry, BikeSafe will be working in partnership to build a link that should enable riders who take part in a BikeSafe assessment to get access to
post-test training more easily. This is also being supported by the Driving Standards Agency.
A national curriculum is hoped to be launched ready for the 2006 riding season and this will bring cohesion to the schemes already in operation. Anyone participating in a BikeSafe assessment scheme should have a better idea of what to expect, wherever they attend in the country. It is anticipated that forces which don't currently offer the scheme will come on board.
As incentives, BikeSafe participants are likely to be offered discounts by approved training providers and existing insurer discounts may be re-aligned in part.
BikeSafe currently assesses around 4,500 people each year. The majority of participants in this scheme would benefit from referral to proper training. BikeSafe has a clear desire to reduce motorcycle casualties and well-trained, skilled riders are one step to achieving that.
The motorcycle casualty statistics released by the Government earlier this year show that there has been a 10 percent reduction in the number of motorcycle casualties and 16 reduction in fatalities. BikeSafe in all areas has, and continues to, work hard towards achieving such casualty reductions. BikeSafe is one of many positive safety initiatives in place.
David Griffin said, " Bikesafe is a valuable scheme that has provided an important service to riders who are interested in developing the skills and finding out what they need to do to become safer on the roads and get more enjoyment from the machine.
The new strategy that is going to bridge the gap between us and the trainers is an ideal partnership that can help reduce motorcycle casualties. It will also provide a scheme that offers one product, delivered in multiple venues and will hopefully grow to meet the increasing demand"
More information can be found on the website and anyone who is interested in booking a session can call the national hotline on 08452 307407 to find a local provider.

BikeSafe will be on Stand T19 Hall 6 at the NEC Motorcycle and Scooter
Show from 27th October to 6th November.