October 30 2005.

Attendance at the NEC International Motorcycle and Scooter show is up by 11% over the first three days, with yesterday's, (Saturday), attendance up by a massive 25% over the same day in 2004.
Attendance on the Thursday Trade and Press day was down some 11%, but this was in line with expectations following an increased effort to monitor and filter genuine trade ticket applications. "There were clearly still a fair number of public in on the trade afternoon, but that is really in the hands of the dealers who are still passing on trade tickets to retail customers," explained show organiser Finlay Macallan. "Our feedback also indicates that the dealers are spreading their attendance plans and aiming to visit the show later in the week."
The £28 entry ticket for Friday's 'Preview Day' certainly didn't deter the punters, with the day finishing an encouraging 5% up on 2004. The 25% increase on Saturday surprised and delighted everyone, and although it's still early days, the year-on-year statistics indicate a total show attendance back up over the 180,000 mark, up from 166,000 in 2004.