October 20 2005.

No more hassle working on bikes with no centre stand or struggling with the awkward, tedious and risky balancing act required to use a conventional paddock stand on your own.
The RS Mot Stand is a total, one-person operation stand that fits onto the swing-arm pivot of the motorcycle. The stand is fitted to the bike when the bike is leaning on its own prop stand, so you do NOT have to hold the bike up at any time while fitting the stand unlike conventional paddock stands, the bike can then be lifted using the integral telescopic extension lever. Because the Mot stand picks up in the "centre" of the bike on the swing arm pivot it can be pivoted back and two wheels can be suspended off the ground at the same time, with the aid of your own prop/jack. When the two wheels are lifted off the ground in this way it is totally off loading the front forks, rear suspension and swinging arm, allowing for complete inspection of wheel bearings, fork headrace bearings, swinging arm and much more.

Ten Top Reasons why every Mot station should have one.
1.Totally safe, 1 person operation-guaranteed

2.Totally secure as the Mot stand locks onto a solid point, unlike a conventional paddock stand.

3.Rear suspension is not under compression. There is no unnecessary load on the shock, allowing complete inspection.

4.The R S Mot stand fits both single sided and twin sided swing arms; there is no need to buy several different stands for different bikes.

5.The Mot stand comes complete with a comprehensive technician's kit enabling the stand to fit 99 % of current models.

6.With the R S stand both wheels can be suspended off the ground at the same time by using the optional front lift or your own jack/prop.

7.The stand will not scratch any part of the swing arm, unlike some conventional paddock stands.

8.Made in the UK and come with a full guarantee.

9.No bobbins etc. needed to be fitted - the bike stays totally standard.

10.Swing arm can be removed with an adapter (optional).

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