November 27 2009.

Acumen's secure marking system has been upgraded with the addition of heatproof ultra-violet marking fluid to its motorcycle kit, at no extra cost. Originally developed for the automotive market, in response to increasing thefts of exhausts containing valuable catalysers, the heatproof ultra-violet marking fluid has proved ideally suited to motorcycle silencers too. Designed for DIY-application, it can be used with the vinyl stencils included with the kit to etch a unique identification code onto valuable bike exhausts and silencers, which are particularly vulnerable as they can often be removed from parked vehicles quickly and easily.

Acumen SMS kits come with everything necessary to mark a motorcycle or scooter; ultra-destruct labels (that cannot be removed without destroying them) for marking frame and bodywork, self etching UV labels and ultra-violet marking fluid - both standard and heatproof. The self-destruct labels are a visual deterrent to potential thieves while the 'invisible' etching is indelible and can be revealed with any ultra-violet light.

Secure marking makes it much easier for anyone - police, dealers or the general public - to establish the identity of a vehicle or part from it. Checking ownership is easy; simply call the 24-hour phone line, which is open to the public. Priced at £59.99 inc. VAT the Acumen SMS kit is manufactured to TQA standards, Thatcham's robust accreditation programme for aftermarket security devices.

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