August 11 2004. Forthright Motorcycle Finance has announced a new addition to its expanding product range. 'Sub-Prime Finance' could
allow a new breed of customers to purchase their very own dream motorcycle.

Each and every finance house analyses the risk of each potential customer through the use of Credit Scoring. At present the system is very simple: If the potential customer scores highly enough then they are prime and would most probably be accepted for finance. However, if the potential customer has a low score then they may be declined. There are not many borderline cases, as most potential clients fall either above or below the acceptability line.

Forthright has identified a small sector of business that is just below the normal acceptability line and therefore would, ordinarily, be declined. This sector is the 'Sub-Prime' sector. With this new outlook, Forthright will now re-examine this section of customers and could actually provide finance, but on slightly different terms.

This Sub-Prime Finance will be launching imminently and could be beneficial to customers who may otherwise have been declined and also to dealerships as they could still achieve their sales with these customers as well as receiving their finance commission.

Director of Motorcycles for Forthright Motorcycle Finance, Jonathan Mitchell, is feeling positive about the plans; "We envisage that this Sub Prime audience will allow us increased business and result in increased Finance and Insurance penetration as well as adding more to our range of products. We look forward to welcoming new customers through this scheme."