December 8 2006.

Triumph specialist Norman Hyde has developed an after market silencer kit for the Triumph Scrambler that will not only liberate the 'big twin sound' but also some welcome extra power, while returning to the upswept exhausts to the shape associated with Triumph motorcycles of the classic era.
Norman Hyde has been involved with performance parts for Triumph motorcycles for over 30 years and his Scrambler silencers are modelled on the original exhausts of the 1960's.  However, unlike the factory items, the Hyde silencers are manufactured to work in the same way as the original Burgess style silencers, which are generally lighter and less restricting than the modern systems. 
The Hyde Scrambler silencers are hand made, polished and plated in England for a truly authentic finish.  The only concession to modernity is the use of stainless steel wool lagging inside to ensure durability.  This results in a deep note and ensures that performance and noise will not deteriorate with mileage.
Hyde Scrambler silencers can be fitted directly to the Hinckley-built model without the need for any modification.   They retail for ¬£317.25 inc. VAT for the pair.

Call 01926 497375 or visit for details
*Due to the classic design of these exhausts they do not comply with current noise and emissions requirements and are not E-marked, so they are not legal for use on British roads. Use is purchaser's responsibility.