December 10 2009.

Riders  looking to protect themselves and their pillions and paniers from heat damage caused by their bike's exhaust can now send exhaust components to thermal management specialist Zircotec for ceramic coating. Heat damage to paniers and their contents is a particular problem for riders undertaking long journeys, as the exhaust silencer reaches high temperatures during the course of the journey. By applying a ceramic coating to their exhaust system, riders gain peace of mind and avoid any costly replacement of luggage, while also gaining the option to dispense with heat shields, as the ceramic offers comprehensive heat protection to rider and pillion.

"Having developed and supplied ceramic coatings to car manufacturers and motorsport teams for many years now, we are keen to extend our service to more motorcyclists," explains Peter Whyman, sales and marketing director. "Our coatings have been proven to offer a highly effective thermal barrier, and offer a lasting, reliable solution to heat issues for all types of motorcycle."

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